How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money on YouTube – Ultimate Guide

How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money on YouTube – Ultimate Guide

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. With 8,000 years of video being watched every day by YouTube users in the US, YouTube is a great tool to market your business, sell more, and even make money on it.

You can benefit from this article in two ways. The first one; if you are a business owner, you can increase your audience, sell more, and market your brand. The second way; if you are concerned with making money without owning a website or certain product, you can make money from your videos by several ways as I am going to show you in this guide.

Part 1. How to create your new YouTube Channel.

You can make unlimited YouTube channels as long as you have a Gmail account. Almost anyone has a Gmail account. If you do not have one, sign up using this link.

After going to the link, fill all your information and complete the steps to create your Gmail account.

Once you have your Gmail ready, go to YouTube and sign in using your Gmail and password that you have just made.

On the top left side of the page, you will see a little button, click on it and choose “My channel” to go to a new page that will let you fill your channel information.

Click on my channel to fill channel information
Click on my channel to fill channel information

Nothing is complicated. You do not have to do anything with your channel until this moment, leave it as it is and we will come back and optimize our channel again.

After creating your channel, you need to learn how to attract the audience.

Part 2. Best Types Of Video Content.

The best way to attract more audience is by providing the people with the best attractive and valuable video content. I will show you in this part the best types of video content used by the pioneering companies to market their products and build the trust with the audience. Later in this guide, I will show you 20 YouTube video ideas to help you start your channel.

#1 Educational Videos.

Searches for “How-to” videos are growing by 70% every year. If you can show people how to fix their problems they will like your videos and come to you again.

Take HP as an example. The company published this video to help people who cannot install a new ink cartridge.

#2 Storytelling videos.

“Do not sell. Tell a story.”

Inspiring videos that are related to your business will build a strong relation between you and your audience. This way, people will find a value or an experience not just a product.

Even if you want to start a personal channel or non-business related channel, you may create videos that tell a story or deliver an experience to the audience.

Take GoPro as an example. They publish videos that build an identity of adventure, exploration, and adrenaline around their line of action cameras.

#3 Entertainment.

People will always love fun videos because they do not have to pay much attention or concentrate so they will keep watching as long as they are being entertained. Therefore, creating funny videos related to your business or your channel is a good idea to keep your audience love you, and to attract more people.

Vat19 is an eCommerce shop. They publish funny videos and they get huge engagement.

These were the best types of engaging video content that you can use on your channel. In the next parts, I will help you make the videos for your channel, give you YouTube-vide ideas, and show you how to optimize your videos for bitter ranking.

Part 3. The different ways and tools to make videos for YouTube.

In this part, I will show you the best ways to create video content for your channel.

1- Animation videos.

Animation videos became so popular. People love them because they are funny and simple.

  • Traditional animation. This type of animation is similar to cartoon clips and is used in videos that tell a story. It requires skills in animating characters and may be bit harder to make, so I do not recommend this type for you, however, if you are willing to make cartoon clips, software like CrazyTalkAnimator can make the process easier. Example.
  • 2D animation. This type is based on vector graphics and can be made using Adobe Animate or so-called Flash. This type requires basic understanding in graphic design and you will need to learn and practice Adobe Animate Pro. If you want to start in this type this course will help you. Example.
  • Explainer videos. This type of animation videos is easy to make and so popular among video creators because you will use a software like VideoMakerFX to make the animation for you. These videos are so popular in commercials and promotional videos. It also can be used for many different ideas. Example.
  • Whiteboard animation. one of the easiest animation videos to create. Actually, VideoScribe will do the whole animating process. All what you need to do is to put text and images then the software will do the job for you. You can make whiteboard animation videos and sell them for customers on Fiverr as well. Example.

There are also many other types of animation but we are concerned with those which are easy to make to upload them to YouTube and make money of them.

2- Smartphone camera.

If you cannot afford the price of a digital camera, you can use your smartphone. The camera is essential on any smartphone nowadays. With your smartphone, you can record voice, take photos, and record videos.

Another advantage of using your smartphone camera is the mobility freedom. However, the quality of images and voice are much less than a dedicated device such as a camcorder or mic.

After taking the shots, recording voices and videos, the next step is to edit your video and get it ready to be published on YouTube, which is what I am going to show you later in this guide.

3- Screencasting.

Even if you do not have a camera, you still have the chance to make great video content that can go viral. With the help of a screencasting software, you can record your screen and export a video file that you can upload to your channel. This type of videos is commonly used in tutorials and many online courses.

4- Using webcam.

A webcam is another cheap solution to record videos. Almost any laptop comes with an integrated webcam, also, any desktop computer accepts an external webcam which might cost you a couple of dollars (click here if you want to buy a webcam from Amazon).


SmartPixel is a free software that allows you record screen or webcam videos, edit them, and add effects on them.

  • After you download and install the software, launch it.

    Launch SmartPixel
    Launch SmartPixel
  • You have three options. The first one is to record videos from your webcam.
    You have three options; Webcam, recorder, and editor.
    You have three options; Webcam, recorder, and editor.

    When clicking on Webcam, a panel will show up. From this panel, you can add some nice effects to your video directly recorded from your webcam.

    Webcam recording
    Webcam recording
  • The second option is the recorder.
    A small window will show up in the right bottom corner of the screen.

    Recording screen
    Recording screen
  • It shows three options.
    Recorder options
    Recorder options

    No. 1. To add the webcam video on the screen recorded video.
    No. 2. To record full screen.
    No. 3. To record a specific window.

  • The third option is the editor.
    Edit videos then export or upload them
    Edit videos then export or upload them

    You can drag your videos to the editor. And add some nice effects on them like captions.

  • When your video is ready export it or upload it. You can export video of quality up to 1080p in the free version.
  • There are many options in this software. The best thing is it is free, paid software will be mentioned after a while. Take an hour exploring it.

5- Use a camera or camcorder.

More expensive yet more professional way is to use a camcorder. A camcorder will give you the best quality. This way of making videos is commonly used in personal channels, vlogs, or any sort of videos that require real-life scenes.

To reduce the expense of a new camcorder, you can buy a used camcorder or an older model, or you may rent one.

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6- Mixed.

Consists of totally mixed parts. You do not record videos or capture photos. Instead, you collect video footage and photos, use video editing software, add them all together, and add background music and/or voice-over.

This type of videos is cheap and you do not have to buy a camera or even record your computer screen, however, you must use royalty free footage and not violate any copyrights. Media such as video and music are usually protected by the owner, and to use them you must have a permission from the owner or use royalty free media instead.

Actually, a lot of viral videos are created this way. For instance, TheTalko creates this type of videos and receives millions of views per video.

Many websites offer free stock footage to use in your videos such as:

  1. Mazwai.
  2. Pexels
  3. Vimeo Free Stock Footage
  4. Coverr
  5. Movie Tools
  6. All Free Download Footage
  7. Videezy
  8. Videvo
  9. YouTube creative commons.
    Search for videos and apply the filter

    You can use creative common videos
    You can use creative common videos

Also, you can download free photos from:

  1. Maker Book Stock Photos
  2. Pixabay
  3. Pexels
  4. Stock Snap
  5. Stock Tookapic
  6. Google images. You can download images from Google images, but before using them, filter images as shown in the screen below.

    Filter images for reuse and size
    Filter images for reuse and size

And music from:

  1. Youtube Audio Library
  2. The Converse Sample Library
  3. Free Music Archive
  4. iBeat – Beats & Loops
  5. AudionautiX

After downloading video footages, photos, music, and recording the voice-over, mix them to make a new video.

Part 4. How to edit your videos for YouTube.

After recording your video, voices, and taking your photos, the next step is to edit the video and make it ready for YouTube. Video editing is a job itself, however, I will make this process very easy and simple because we are not interested in advanced video-editing skills this moment because we only need to prepare our videos for YouTube.

1- iMovieComes free with new mac devices. You can use iMovie to trim, add music, edit audio, add photos, and more. Watch this tutorial to learn iMovie.

2- Filmora. is awesome software with the easiest interface. This software has two modes, the easy mode for beginners, the professional mode for professionals. Filmora will make the video editing a fun, you will find it very easy to add clips, music, titles, effects, and more. You can also record screen and webcam videos. The free version exports videos with a big watermark on them, you have to register the software to remove it. Watch this tutorial to learn how to edit your videos in Filmora.

3- Davinci resolveThe free version of this software is awesome. You can download it for PC or mac and use it to edit your videos.Watch this tutorial.

Part 5. The different ways to make money on your YouTube channel.

You will probably see YouTube on top of making-money-from-home articles. But, a lot of misconceptions surround making money with YouTube. In this part, I will show you the different ways for making money on YouTube so you can generate decent money.

1- Ads.

If you use AdSense, ads program owned by Google by which YouTube users monetize their videos, Google will give you from $2 to $3 per 1,000 views for your YouTube videos, which means you are going to earn a couple of thousand dollars for every million views. Making a million of views is very hard and becomes impossible sometimes. So I will show you alternative ways in this part.

  • To signup an AdSense account, got to “My channel” => “Video manager”

    How to apply for an Adsense account
    How to apply for an AdSense account
  • “Channel” => “Status and features”
    Apply for adsense
  • “Monetization” => “Enable”

    How to apply for an Adsense account
    Apply for an Adsense account
  • Then start and create your Adsense account.
  • After getting accepted in Adsense go to video manager and monetize your videos.

You can use many video ad networks to monetize your videos, but they are almost the same.

If you are willing to make money from ads, you have to make a lot of views. Therefore, you need to create videos that become popular and create many videos so you get more views in total. I am not exaggerating if I say “If you want to make money from YouTube ads, your videos have to go viral!” and believe me, going viral on YouTube is not an easy job to be done.

The point here is, do not count on YouTube ads as the only source of income. Use more than one way to monetize your videos instead. That is what I am going to reveal in the rest of this part.

2- Sell your own products.

If you have a physical or digital product, you can set up an eCommerce store using Shopify. Then, create engaging videos to benefit from the huge number of searches. YouTube can be a great promotional platform to your store.

3- Get traffic to your affiliate links.

If you know affiliate marketing, you can use YouTube to sell more products. Do not limit yourself to a static blog page or website while you can create videos that are engaging and encouraging the visitor to buy. For instance, create videos about certain products and put your Amazon links in the description.

4- Attract sponsorships.

Most famous YouTubers have sponsors’ advertisements on their videos. These ads are separated from YouTube so it does not take a cut from your revenue. Also you can put YouTube ads on your videos along with your sponsors’ ads so you can make more money. Do not think of sponsorship until your channel becomes big and have a lot of views.

5- Think out of the box.

I told you the common ways of making money from YouTube videos, you can mix them and monetize your videos in more than one way. For instance, use YouTube ads and put affiliate links of related products in the description of your videos. You may upload a video on YouTube that gets 50k of views; this will generate $50 approximately from YouTube ads. You may upload another video that gets 1000 views with an affiliate link in the description, 20 people will click that link and buy the product; you get, for example, $4 on each selling, which generates you $80. So, it depends on the way you use to monetize your video.

Part 6. Video Ideas for your YouTube channel.

In this part, I will show you 20 video ideas that are so popular and people love. Take a look on the, to inspire you to decide the type of video content for your channel, if you do not already have something specific in your mind.

  1.  How-to videos. Educational videos made for teaching the audience new skills or help them solve their problems.
  2. DIY: Do It Yourself Videos. Pretty much like How-to videos but in more details.
  3. Unboxing products. When you buy a new device film it to the audience and use it before the camera.
  4. Product reviews. Became popular these days. Reviews can be on a device, movie, book, video game, or service.
  5. Prank videos. This type needs much effort and sometimes money, but, it may go viral anytime and your videos will take no time to become popular.
  6. Cooking. Teaching people cooking and sharing cooking advises with them.
  7. Hair and makeup tutorials. Beauty channels on YouTube.
  8. Travel vlogs. Filming yourself traveling to many interesting places and meeting new people.
  9. Cute baby/animal. Recording a video of a cute baby or cat may go viral immediately.
  10. Video interviews. Ask your friend, family member, colleague, or anyone you know some questions that people may be interested in. If you can interview someone popular this will be huge advantage.
  11. Challenge videos. Challenge someone who you know and people will love to see you.
  12. Video responds. Ask someone to respond to your video with another video on his channel.
  13. Testimonials. Anyone know you and have something good to say about you, ask them to make testimonial videos.
  14. Video tours. Anywhere you go, office, house, public place, or restaurant, make a video tour of that place.
  15. Gym and workout videos. When you go to the gym record videos for you and your friends.
  16. Time-lapse videos. Usually made for traveling, however, can be about anything.
  17. Blooper videos.
  18. Signing videos. Record yourself singing. You may receive a lot of views if you are good.
  19. Movie scene reenactments. If you have a sense of comedy, try this.
  20. Tutorials videos. Record a video explaining a scientific theory, solving math, or even fixing bugs in the computer.

Part 7. How to optimize your channel.

I left this part until you decide your niche.

1- Username or simply the name of your channel should be relevant to your targeted keywords. Do not name your channel “I love cats” while you are talking about “cars”. Put the targeted keyword into the name if you can.

head to your channel to change settings
head to your channel to change settings
Change title and keywords
Change title and keywords

2- Update channel info. Enter tags and description. Put the targeted keywords in the description. Add your website link and social media accounts.

Go to YouTube settings
Go to YouTube settings
From channels nav, go to About
From channels nav, go to About
Update the description and other info
Update the description and other info
Add your website and social media accounts
Add your website and social media accounts

3- Logo and cover. Upload nice and catching logo and cover to your channel.

Click the edit button to update logo and cover
Click the edit button to update logo and cover

4- Customize the channel appearance. Choose what a visitor see when visiting your channel. YouTube displays your activities such as shares and likes on other’s videos by default, customize it so it looks nicer and encourages the visitor to subscribe to your channel.

Click the button to customize layout
Click the button to customize layout
Make sure these options are turned on
Make sure these options are turned on
Another tab named "For new visitors" will appear. click it and set a trailer video
Another tab titled “For new visitors” will appear. click it and set a trailer video

Part 8. How to rank your videos on YouTube.

#1 keyword research.

Keyword research is important to measure the potential of your videos to reach certain people. With the proper keywords, you can reach your targeted audience easily. What you do is find what people type in the search box in YouTube rather than just making a video that may have no audience. Depending on the results that you achieved, pick your keywords.

There are two types of keywords. The first one is any keyword related to a search process, like “weight loss”. The second type is video keywords. When searching for something like “weight loss journey” you will find YouTube videos in the first search-results page, this keyword is a video keyword.

Video Keyword Vs. non-video keyword
Video Keyword Vs. non-video keyword

If you optimize your video around any keyword, you probably will get traffic from YouTube searches only, but when you optimize your video around a video keyword, you will get views from search engines like Google as well. However, if you do not find a video keyword to optimize your video around, just stick to any keyword.

The basic way to find video keywords is to google the keywords if you found YouTube videos in search results page, then this keyword is a video keyword. Generally, keywords related to how-to, reviews, tutorials, workout, and funny animals are video keywords.

However, searching for each keyword and making sure that search results page contains videos is a hard and boring procedure, using KeywoordTool will make the process easier.

For example, you want to make a video on weight loss. First, go to KeywordTool, enter the keyword in the box, then choose the country and language, finally, hit the search button. A large list of keywords will show up depending on what people search on YouTube and number of searches for each keyword, each one of these keywords is a video keyword, make sure that it is a video keyword by googling it and seeing if the first page contains YouTube videos.

Use KeywordTool to find video keywords
Use KeywordTool to find video keywords
Use KeywordTool to find video keywords
Use KeywordTool to find video keywords

If you use the pro version, the number of searches on each keyword will appear.

KeywordTool, also, brings questions that people search on YouTube. Which can be very useful to you if you want to know the questions people ask, then making a video answering these questions.

Questions related tokeyword
Questions related to the keyword

After those steps, you would have an idea about what people need and search for. Then you have to make a decision; what should the title of your video be?

#2 Make your video

YouTube videos are ranked due to their quality, the number of shares, views, likes, and comments, so if your videos are catching they will take no time to rank high as long as you follow this part of the guide.

The quality of your video is controlled by two factors; the script or content of your video, which can be measured by asking yourself: do I deliver the value to my audience? or: do I really help them?. The second factor is the quality of video image. So, when you decide to create a new video, start by writing a rich script and make them in HD.

#3 Optimize your video for Search Engines.

Follow these rules to make sure your video is SEO friendly:

  1. The video should be longer than five minutes. Longer videos rank higher on YouTube.
  2. The video file name should be relevant. Before uploading the video, make sure it has the same name.
  3. Video title should be at least five words. And does not exceed eight words. It is better to put the targeted keyword at the beginning of the title.
  4. Your video description should be at least 250 words. Include your keyword a few times in the description. If you have a website, put the link in the first line.
  5. Tags should be at least five and do not exceed fifteen. Tags will help you appear in the related video section, so a good practice is to include three of top ranked videos around the keyword. You may also add a unique tag to all of your videos, such as your channel’s name, so your videos will show in the related video section when one of them is being watched.

#4 Getting more views

Views are the most important factor for ranking your video. Do not use auto-view services or any Fiverr gigs to boost video views because YouTube recognizes these views, so will affect your video negatively.

You can gain views by sharing your video on social media accounts, forums, and blog posts. For example, Quora questions, Yahoo answers, and emails.


I will talk about two factors that affect YouTube video rank. The first one is channel authority. The second one is social mentions from Twitter and Google+

Follow these steps to increase channel authority and get social mentions. We are not going to spam, we will use a tool to save the time.

  • signup a free account on Awario for 14 days.
  • Select “Monitor any topic”
Select "Monitor any topic"
Select “Monitor any topic”
  • Choose any title for the alert, then enter the keyword research of your video.
fill these inquiries
fill these inquiries
  • Select Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, only.
  • Sort results by reach.
Sort by reach
Sort by reach
  • Choose results from YouTube. 

Now comment on the videos related to your channel. Also, comment to top comment on the videos. Do not put your video links in comments; make them appear normal and relevant.

Comment only relevant and normal comments
Comment only relevant and normal comments

Now your channel authority will increase.

  • Choose Twitter and Google+

Comment on tweets and Google+ posts with your video link. Maximum 30 comments each day.

set the sources to twitter and g+
set the sources to twitter and g+

YouTube uses social mentions from Twitter and G+ to rank your video. Do your best to get real shares on Twitter and Google+

The bottom line, I want you to think of YouTube as a promotional platform, do not wait for YouTube to come to you and tell you here is your money!Start your channel, upload your videos, get people involved, and use one of the early-mentioned methods to make money.

Start your channel, upload your videos, get people involved, and use the early-mentioned methods to make money.

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