15 Habits to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

15 habits to breack out of your comfort

If you wake up every morning and do what you used to, you will not make change to yourself. It is unfortunate to recognize how many chances you, and all of us, miss every day because of our narrow horizons and negative impressions about these situations.
The very first step forward self-improvement is recognizing the fault in ourselves, and the best way to recognizing these faults is looking to ourselves or behaviors in different ways, more practically, breaking the routine. You can get out of your comfort zone by setting a task every day, or every week, that makes you uncomfortable. Do that thing.
I have brought you 15 habits, which can be uncomfortable to most of us but will push your comfort zone, help you see other aspects of life, and, hopefully, change you.

#1 Question everything.

It may be the most uncomfortable thing to do to question everything that may be taken for granted, and seeing the other side of the norm.

#2 Be 100% honest.

Can you be the most honest one you have ever been with someone? It may be extremely difficult but most valuable.

To achieve this, you can write a list of people that you have something to say, whether it is good or bad, then write down the feelings and the words you have, hand the person the letter, then note down how this experience affected you.

#3 Slow down.

If you are continuously thinking of the next thing to do, slow down and meditate to find inner calm. Although, it may be difficult, it enhances your cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, and self-discipline.

#4 Get up extremely early.

Waking up extremely early before sunup provides you with a perfect environment to study and work while everyone else sleeps.

#5 Do something new.

All of us fear of rejection and failure, that is why we tend to be normal and do normal things to have normal lives. To be creative you have to forget about failure, just follow an idea and do it and tell the others about your work.

#6 Track your pennies.

Keep watching every penny you spend. Try paying in cash for everything. This way you will think carefully before buying something, and you will be surprised how much money you save.

#7 Volunteer.

Volunteering for nonprofit can make you feel being a part of something big, and you make a difference in the world.

#8 Watch your food.

It is challenging to keep track of what you eat and the exercise you do, but you will recognize the harm you were doing to your body.

#9 Eat ONLY healthy food.

It comes along side with #8. After you keep track of what you eat make sure you eat only nutritious food, it may be hard, expensive, and limiting but it is worth the effort.

#10 Do public speaking.

Many people scare of public speaking, but you really need to improve your communication skills. Practice public speaking by joining groups. Do not worry everyone around you feels the same.

#11 Talk to someone new.

Are you interested to someone? Go and have a talk. In worst cases you would be rejected but it will leave something funny to talk about in the future. Just see someone you are interested in and go to chat.

#12 Leave your phone in your pocket.

Can you enjoy the moment without pulling out your phone? That may be hard as we get bored quickly but you really need to get bored sometimes to increase productivity, creativity, and goal determination as a research suggests.

#13 Focus on one thing at a time.

Intention is the key to mastery, you should pick one thing and master it whatever the thing is. You are not going to achieve anything untill you master something.

#14 make an impossible achievement

Pick something you are comfortable with, amplify it until you achieve a point that is very difficult to do. If you run a mile every day, for example, run more and more until you are able to run seven miles every day. It is very difficult for sure but if you use all of your mental and physical strength and take the time, you are going to make it. The point of doing this is you become invincible. You will be able to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

#15 Seek help

For years, or maybe decades, you are developing your own thought of yourself and people around you. It is very likely you are wrong! You and people around you are not so black or white as you think.
As Business insider reported, 43 million Americans suffer from mental illness. With cognitive behavioral therapy, people can change their thoughts, which in turn can cause behavior changes.
Going to therapy may be one of the most uncomfortable things you can do, but it helps you practice awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness towards yourself and people around you.
I hope this list gives you an idea about uncomfortable things that can help you push your comfort zone.

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Author: Mohamed Abdul Jalil

A second-year metallurgical student, I love blogging, I also work as a web designer and developer. I created this blog to help you dig into freelancing and start your own business.

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